The Quetzal Coalescence Template Library is a toolbox gathering C++ code snippets that can be combined to build coalescence-based, spatially explicit simulators for inference.

C++ can be intimidating, and we don’t want you to cut your little hands with this bunch of sharp tools and recusant concepts: for more docile and ready-to-use simulators, check our Quetzal-EGGs! :egg: :egg: :egg:

Still with us? Fantastic! Let’s get into it! :raised_hands:

What you can find here :point_up:

  • Some tutorials to begin coding with Quetzal-CoalTL :woman_teacher:

  • The C++ API documentation to get more detailed knowledge of the code :books:

  • A FAQ to answer questions, or ask new ones! :question:

Disclaimer :bug:

I use Github actions to automatically update the documentation as well as test and refresh the tutorials code:

  • everyday at midnight :owl:
  • or after every new version on the library repo :tada:

If everything goes as planed (what never does :scream_cat:), you should be able to easily go through the tutorials.

However, bugs have this very bad habit to swarm in overlooked areas: so if you see one, just let me know! :bug: